Cheaper prescriptions for East Tennesseans

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Knoxville (WVLT) First Wal-Mart, then Target started selling generic prescription drugs for four dollars back in 2006.

Now, Kroger is the latest to offer more than 300 generic drugs for four dollars to its customers.

Medical Reporter Jessa Goddard has details on the prescription savings plan and whether it can save you money.

The Kroger plan includes generic alternatives for some of the most commonly prescribed drugs used to treat conditions such as diabetes, asthma, depression, heart disease thyroid and other health problems.

But Kroger will also offer generic versions of family planning drugs, including some birth control and a fertility drug.

Matt Headrick, the Kroger Pharmacy coordinator says, "there are a few women's health prescriptions, family planning, fertility pills, those are slightly higher. There's a few that are nine dollars, but again those can be very expensive."

The fertility drug is slightly more, at 9 dollars.

But just a fraction of the cost of the brand name drug.

Kroger pharmacy customer Greg Eldridge is checking to see if any of his prescriptions are on the list, because every penny counts when your family pays 15,000 dollars a year for prescription drugs.

"It helps a lot with our family, you know my wife and i spend 15,000 dollars a year on prescriptions."

Nancy Lindemer says the plan, which went into effect today at 212 Kroger pharmacies, is most likely to help area senior citizens, living on a fixed income.

"Assisted living, looking at hundred of dollars a month in medical costs, so it's a big deal."

But the rising cost of prescription drugs and health care, in general, is still a hot button issue in this presidential election year.

Jonathon Sibley, a customer says, "with all the people going over to Canada for drugs and everything, maybe this will help boost the American economy for it, I don't know."

In addition to Kroger pharmacies in East Tennessee, the prescription program will also be available in Georgia, South Carolina and northeast Alabama.

There are no forms to fill out, or applications to submit.

The savings are automatic and available to everyone.

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