Super Tuesday and beyond

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Knox County (WVLT) Former Trustee Mike Lowe, Law Director John Owings and ousted commission appointees Lee Tramel and Richard Cate also have felt voter's wrath.

But Volunteer TV's Gordon Boyd is finding the the voters message could be more complicated before the election in August.

Republican's could face stronger Democrats than they have in years.

But the more immediate question: 12 county offices technically have remained vacant since October.

Should primary winners seek the appointments to fill them.

The sheer numbers, his voting neighbors all but scream Boyd Crowder's words.

"I want them to do what they're supposed to do, not like they've been doing."

Finbarr Saunders, (D) Won Commission 4-A Primary says, "we want more openness, more honesty, more availability and accountability."

Ruthie Stone Kuhlman, (R) Commission 4-A Primary Winner says, "the voters spoke, they wanted a new voice, and they got it."

Not quite yet.

The General Election's six months and a county budget away.

So who'll fill the Sheriff, 3 fee offices, and 8 commission seats in the meantime?

Boyd Crowder says, "they're not supposed to be appointed to their offices but elected to their offices."

The eleven remaining, Commissioners will be appointing.

Acting County Commission Chairman Tank Strickland says, "I think a primary winner would be a key person to be selected."

Dr. Richard Briggs, (R) Won Primary, Commission Seat 5-C says, "because we won the race and won it fairly, substantially we have the most legitimacy for the appointment."

Mike Brown says, "there are some other Districts that are gonna be hotly contested come August. I don't feel like this one will be, So I feel confident in going ahead and asking for it now."

Kuhlman continues, "my response is flat out, no."

Ruthie Kuhlman's Democratic opponent says he too, would decline as would Clerk Candidate Foster Arnett, who won his primary in a walk.

Foster Arnett says, "fairly or unfairly, I just think county Commission has been tainted, and I just want to run on my own."

Ed Shouse says, "hasn't even crossed my mind who it should be."

Primary Winner Ed Shouse says he's willing to trust caretakers, even though his District hasn't had a commissioner since October.

Saunders continues, "that doesn't mean we won't be part of the process."

Many of last night's winners other candidates say voters need to keep putting in their two cents between elections, otherwise Knox county government, as Kuhlman says, "could go back to the same, ol' same ol'."

Four workshops will gather and cull the list of wannabee caretakers.

The first, this Saturday.

Commission will vote on appointments, two weeks from today.

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