Diary of missing Blount teen discovered in apartment

Kristen Wyrick, 19 of Maryville was last seen with at the Sonic Drive-in on E. Lamar Alexander Pkwy. on December 7th, 2007.
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BLOUNT COUNTY (WVLT) -- A new piece of evidence could help police find out what happened to a Blount County teen that hasn't been seen in two months.

Kristen Ann Wyrick, 19, vanished without a trace around December 7th.

A day after the Blount County Sheriff’s Department sent out a release asking for help locating her, WVLT reporter Stephen McLamb stumbled upon a new piece of possible evidence while conducting an interview.

Chasidy Gribble is the tenant that now lives in the apartment Kristen last called home.

Gribble showed McLamb everything that Kristen had left in the apartment when she disappeared, including her personal diary.

"I'm worried about her welfare,” said Laura Payne Treloar, Kristen’s mother. “I don't know if she's dead or alive."

It turns out she is not alone.

Gribble never met Kristen, but she is worried too.

She moved into the apartment this week, but the belongings of the previous tenant were still there.

"We came to clean out this apartment and get her stuff out so we could bring out stuff in, and we found the poem book," said Gribble.

That poem book and pictures she found turned out to be Kristen's, something Chasidy didn't realize until Friday morning.

"It is kind of weird that we moved in here and a couple days later she was on the news about being missing, and then we find these poems of her wanting to cut herself and her boyfriend beating her," Gribble said.

The words in Kristen’s diary are what have Chasidy worried, because she said the poems and writings made her feel that Kristen could be in danger.

"From these poems, it don't sound like she would be ok," Gribble said.

Now with a strange connection to Kristen, Chasidy can only worry, like Kristen's mother.

"We'll wait if she's ok,” she said, “hopefully she will be found."

The Blount County Sheriff's Department has expressed an interest in the diary.

Gribble's landlord says he now has the diary and they plan to turn it over to detectives.

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