Tea party helps mothers, daughters bond

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Dozens of mothers joined their daughters tonight for an old fashioned tea party.

It was a chance for the teens to spend quality time talking with their moms. Officials say this type event decreases the number of high school drop outs and teen pregnancies.

The number of teen pregnancies have declined since the nineties, but Knox County schools still have problem with young sexually active teens.

"All Knox County schools have seventh and eighth grades are sexually active," teacher Rhonda Sternfels said.

Rhonda Sternfels teaches sex ed at Vine Middle School. She educates her students with open dialogue. She says that's the key.

"When parents can talk to teens there's less involvement in sexual activity," Sternfels said.

So tonight they held Petals and Pearls, a tea party where mother and daughters could connect.

"It's really a lot of fun for moms and daughters to find out what they know about each other," organizer Cynthia Hudson said.

They also find out about etiquette, like how to hold a tea cup and why you RSVP, and they were sent home with interactive activities.

"Hopefully the message is go home sit down with daughter talk about some of the issues," Hudson said.

The third annual tea party continues to draw a big crowd - about 50 people. Organizers suspect that's because occasions like this are so rare.

"They don't have the opportunity to go to event for just them especially nice evening events," Hudson said.

A nice evening for moms and daughters with a meaningful purpose behind it. The event was co-sponsored by Vine Middle School and the Knox County Health Department's Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention initiative.

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