E. TN couple shares love story

Knoxville (WVLT) -- He's 87, a World War II veteran.

She's *39 and holding*, and is the love of his life.

And their marriage is pushing seventy.

But the math and the marriage really do work.

Carl and Louise Hill live at Shannondale, which is a continuing care retirement community.

Tonight they share their romantic story with us taking us from their very first kiss all the way to this Valentine's Day eve.

Carl lived in Lonsdale.

Louise was way out on Asheville Highway.

But somehow they got together way back in 1938.

Carl and Louise Hill met when they were in high school, "She was visiting with my cousin. I didn't have a date with her when I met her."

But that didn't stop Carl from making an impression that lasts until this very day. When everyone left the living room, Louise thought she was by herself.

Louise says, "And he comes over and just lays a big one on me. (she laughs) So, that's how we met. (she laughs)

Carl says, "Well, I figured she might want to tell that part."

Louise says, "Did you really? And she laughs again."

And in response to Carl's kiss, Louise says, "I slapped him. I did."

But Carl never got the hint.

Carl says, "I never did take the hint on that. Because it didn't hurt that bad."

They became high school sweethearts and still have the prom picture to prove it.

Louise says, "He just came over. Honey, will you marry me?"

On this Valentine's eve, Carl and Louise say they'd do it all over again.

Carl says, "Darling, will you marry me, Louise? What's your answer?"

Louise says, "Yes, honey. Yes, I will. But you're going to have to ask my dad."

And from this marriage that's closing in on 70 years.

Louise says, "One wonderful daughter. Two grandchildren. Two great grand children."

Plus some advice.

Louise says, "If we were having a little fuss or something, we always made up before we went to sleep."

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