Last minute Valentine's Day shoppers

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Many men spent Wednesday scurrying around trying to purchase that last minute Valentine.

Hallmark managers say February 13th and 14th are their second busiest days of the entire year!

Last minute shoppers filled the aisles at Hallmark today looking for....

"Valentine's Day card hate to admit that I'm so late," shopper Stephen Anthony said.

But he's not the only one. Hallmark saw men when they opened the doors early Wednesday morning.

"They knew getting near crunch time they knew where they needed to go," Hallmark manager Delina Toler said.

Straight for the cards, and if you think they were looking for the romantic ones...Think again!

"Just trying to find her funny one usually get her funny cards," shopper Chuck Lockhart said.

For some of them, it's not an easy process.

"Fifteen, twenty minutes I can never find the right one," shopper George Wallace said.

Cards are the popular item this year, but most say they've got something else up their sleeve.

"What else are you getting her for Valentine's Day, 'flowers, red roses," Wallace said.

And for the women shoppers, this last minute trip wasn't their first.

"This is second trip to get more Valentines for family and friends," shopper Ellen Mitchell said.

Family and friends are going to be pleased. After all, they'll never know their gifts were picked out last minute.

Linda's Hallmark is opening early again Thursday at 9 o'clock.

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