Customer wrestles gun away from armed man at convenience store

Derrick Burleson, 18 has been charged with aggravated assault, theft and criminal trespassing after trying to stab shoppers at the Pioneer Market in Knox County.
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Knoxville (WVLT) - A convenience store customer wrestles a gun away from a man sheriff's deputies say was threatening to shoot him and another person.

Knox County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Martha Dooley says around 4:30 Thursday afternoon, 18-year-old Derrick Burleson walked into the Pioneer Market on Chapman Highway to see his ex-girlfriend.

They argued, then Dooley says Burleson threatened his girlfriend's ex-husband and another customer, Robert Finchom, with a gun.
That's when Finchom took action.

"This guy just walked up and poked a gun at my head and started arguing with this old lady behind the counter, you know. I just took it like it was a joke for a minute, but no it wasn't no joke. When this other guy walks in and says 'that's my old lady,' and then started chasing each other around the store. He realized he had a gun, then he started running out the door, so I took the guy's gun away from him," Finchom said.

Dooley says after Finchom took Burleson's gun away from him, Burleson then cut his own throat with a butcher knife.

He was taken to UT Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries. When he gets out of the hospital, Dooley says he faces numerous charges.

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