Pit bulls attack Blount County Animal Control Officer

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Maryville (WVLT) - On the heels of numerous reports we've brought you concerning dog attacks, now a Blount County Animal Control officer is sent to the hospital after he was attacked by two pit bulls.

The officer was checking up on the dogs after they had recently been quarantined for attacking a fifteen year old, and he became the dogs next victim.

Volunteer TV's Stephen McLamb has the latest.

The dog's owner has now been charged with reckless endangerment, but neighbors say these two incidents are only a partial list of victims.

Deborah Kay Dyer is charged with reckless endangerment after her dog allegedly attacked a Maryville Animal Control officer. Officer Kenneth Crowder went to check up on two pit bulls at a home off Old White's Mill road when the attack happened.

"I got to see him pretty bloody and you know he got put on a stretcher and they hauled him out. He was pretty bad shape," said Jimmy Hatcher, who was bitten by the dogs.

Authorities say he was checking on the dogs who were recently quarantined for attacking a 15 year old two weeks ago. His father says the boy went to return some movies to Dyer when he was attacked.

"Of coarse, he walked in and just all of a sudden they just attacked him," Hatcher said.

Hatcher says he's also on the list of victims when he went to see the family.

"The dogs come out and whenever they did they just eat me up," Hatcher said.

A neighbor says her dog got on the victims list in December.

"She had 13 drainage tubes when we got her to the vet. They waited two days before they did surgery on her to see if she was going to make it. They didn't think she was going to make it," said Barbara McGill, whose pet was attacked by the dogs.

And McGill's neighbor says he was a victim with four stitches last May.

"That dog came out of the yard and just bit me when I was riding my bike," victim Taylor Page said. "It hurt pretty bad. There's a tooth mark on the side of my leg and two on the back."

Neighbors are terrified the dogs could come back.

"I definitely wouldn't go back up there until they were gone," Page said.

"And I'm afraid that if something ain't done, somebody's going to get killed," McGill said.

Officer Crowder has since been treated and released from Blount Memorial Hospital. Dyer has since been released from jail and is due back in court later this month on the charges. She still has to be in court Friday morning for the mauling of McGill's dog, Lady.

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