TN drafting a retort to Georgia's state territory resolution

WVLT (AP) - Tennessee lawmakers are drafting a retort to what they call their Georgia counterparts' designs on the state's territory and water supply.

House Majority Leader Gary Odom of Nashville says the General Assembly in Tennessee needs to take an official stance on the Georgia resolution that calls for a reconsideration of the states' borders.

On Wednesday, the Georgia Senate unanimously approved a resolution asserting that a flawed 1818 survey mistakenly placed Georgia's northern line just short of river.

The measure also calls for the governor to establish a commission to sort out the dispute.

The legislation alone can't move the state line. That would require an agreement between Congress and the states.

An adviser to Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen on Wednesday called the proposal "absurd," and state Representative Gerald McCormick of Chattanooga suggested it was a "ridiculous waste of taxpayer money."

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