New commission meets for the first time

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Monday night, the Knox County Commission met for the first time as a newly elected body. This was the first regularly scheduled meeting since last week's appointments of nine commission seats.

Volunteer TV's Liz Tedone has the details of the meeting.

Knox County Commissioners debated late into Monday night. On the agenda, nine ordinances to be heard on a first reading that would amend the Knox County Charter.
Commissioners agreed that if approved on the first reading, these amendments would be discussed in a workshop on March 12th. Then if approved on a second reading in either April or May, the amendments would be open for nine public forums before early voting in August. Commissioner Mark Harmon addressed representatives from the Knox County Charter Petition Group.

"I'd rather let the voters decide it all, because I think your process was adequate, and I think you brought the board some good ideas," Commissioner Mike Hammond said.

At last report, the ordinance dealing voter petitions passed on the first reading, lowering the number of signatures needed to put an issue on the ballot from about 40,000 signatures to 15,000 signatures.

Commissioners voted Thomas Strickland as chair and Mike Hammond to serve as vice chair.

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