Enjoying the snow in Sevier County

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Sevier County (WVLT) After a long winter, a good snow finally makes its way to East Tennessee's mountain areas.

Volunteer TV's Stephen McLamb has more.

It's not everyday here that 8 inches of snow falls.

Everyone has their feelings about it, for some its fun, others its work.

And for some its special.

Snow often closes schools and sends kids out to play.

For kids snow has its privileges.

Colt Buchanan who loves the snow says, "I love it, getting out of school, play in the snow, throw snowballs at your neighbors."

But for skiers and snow boarders its all about new snow.

David Quick says, "Oh man, it was the greatest feeling ever. I loved snow, its my life, I think sometimes."

For a Florida soldier on leave, its about being in the right place at the right time.

Chris McMahon says, "its cold, definitely a learning experience. I like it, I enjoy it."

But for some snow can be work.

Meet Richard Mayes.

"I've been with the county 23 or 24 years now."

He's got the tough job of clearing snow filled roads in Sevier County.

"Sometimes when its all covered, you just guess mostly where the edges are."

Road after road, it's more than an all day job.

"Well I'd say they'll be out too."

Other than fun or work, snow can be special.

Especially for the father of very young girls.

Glenn Stevens says, "I woke them up, and took them to the window this morning, they looked outside and I think its the first time they've seen snow lay down like this, so it was quite the sight."

So next time you see Richard Mayes, thank him for all the hard work he's doing as they try to continue to get all the roads clear.

Meanwhile, Blount County's roads are all clear now, but many of the main roads through the Smoky Mountains are closed.

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