Jordon Hensley gets VIP treatment at Lady Vols game

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Knoxville (WVLT) - It was a dream come true Thursday night for 12 year old Jordon Hensley, who received a new heart on November 15th.

She was given the VIP treatment, including tickets and special seats at the number 3 ranked Lady Vols game.

We had the chance to follow her around for what she says was one of the most memorable times of her life.

Jordon Hensley high fives her mom after the Lady Vols make a play. She's so close to the players she can see their moves and Coach Summit.

"Awesome. Everybody playing good. I saw Pat get mad cause they were doing the wrong thing," Hensley said.

As she watched the game, she got VIP treatment. Candace Parker autographed a shoe and...

"She gave me high five, and I got to shake Pat Summit's hand. It was awesome," Hensley said.

Basketball is Jordon's favorite sport.

"I've wanted to play basketball for the longest time, but just had no energy," Hensley said.

She had no energy because she suffered from congenitally corrected transposition, which means her heart was in backwards, but she got a new heart from 12-year-old Ashley Payne who was hit by a school bus after she fell off her bike. Now Jordon has a new future and lots of plans.

"I want to become as good at least as one of the players. I would love to be as good as Candace Parker," Hensley said.

And she's not discounting a spot on the team.

"And play on the Lady Vols, and I told Pat that, and she said I hope you get there," Hensley said.

Pat Summitt also had this to say about Jordon Hensley.

"And what a great story that girl is blessed, and that family is just wonderful," Summitt said.

And wonderful explains the night for Jordon Hensley as she got to watch her favorite basketball team in action.

Jordon was also able to go into the locker room and meet the team.

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