Born in '36, Betty turns 18

KNOXVILLE (WVLT) – Betty Scruggs was born four years before the United States entered World War II, and on Friday she celebrated her 18th birthday.

So with her closest friends surrounding her, and Knoxville’s famous Regas Restaurant as a backdrop, she went about celebrating her big day.

“I can't believe it, I’m just graduating high school," she said. “I’m really 72, but I feel like 18.”

Betty Scruggs technically is 18, thanks to her birth on a leap day.

“When you're born February 29th, which is leap year, the 29th of February comes every four years,” she said. “That's when I was born, February 29th, 1936.”

Betty normally celebrates her birthday on the 28th, while some others opt for March 1st, but when the leap day comes around, its always a special day.

This year, Betty’s children were unable to make it, as well as her husband, who passed away last year.

Instead, it was her longtime high school friends who helped her usher in number 18, along with a special congressional hug from Rep. Jimmy Duncan.

Now that she is 18, Betty said she recognized the responsibilities that go along with adulthood.

She also had some advice for her peers.

“I would advise them to still pay attention to mother and daddy, and go to church," she said.

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