Big Orange basketball through the eyes of a future student

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KNOXVILLE (WVLT) -- Fans of the Vols will happily admit that their blood runs orange.

On Sunday, some may have felt their orange begin to boil, as UT had its hands full with Kentucky at Thompson-Boling Arena.

But a "W" ended up in their win column, which clinched the Vols spot at number one in the SEC East and provided the perfect chance for one incoming UT freshman and her family to get a taste of what to expect in Knoxville.

"I came from Chicago," said Lauren Cecala, who watched the UT-UK game with her family at Buffalo Wild Wings on the strip. "We drove down here to see the campus, I'm going to go to school here next year."

By game time, the future Rocky Top resident was already talking like long time fan.

"We have football in Tennessee, and now we're ready to take over basketball," she said.

The Windy City native decided to look into UT thanks to her father's best friend, a UT alum, who the family now blames for their new passion.

"My mom and sister have never been to the campus, so we decided we're going take them down," Lauren said. "They loved it and they've fallen in love with the campus."

It doesn't hurt that the basketball Vols are reaching new heights, even if there have been some anxious bumps along the way.

"I like the job Bruce Pearl is doing with the team," said Brian Korbel, Lauren's father. "The girls and guys at number one, that would be sweet."

For Lauren, no matter what the outcome of Sunday's game was, she already knows where her path leads.

Straight to the "stately walls of old UT," her future alma mater

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