Knox gas station owner charged with shooting at customer's car

Jim Multugun was arrested and charged with aggravated assault for allegedly shooting at a customer's vehicle.
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Knox County (WVLT) Imagine being shot at as you're driving out of a gas station after filling up.

That's what one woman says happened to her in South Knox County.

Volunteer TV's Kim Bedford has more.

The Knox County Sheriff's Department says on January 30th, 23 year old Julie Monday went to the Pioneer Market on Chapman Highway to fill up her SUV.

But problems with her credit card quickly snowballed into two different 911 calls.

One saying she was being shot at and another from the owner saying there had been a drive-off.

Pioneer Market Owner Jim Mutlugun says Julie Monday was a regular customer, but he didn't recognize her or her car on January 30th.

"I got a sign up there that said pre-pay."

Monday says she tried to swipe her card twice, but when Mutlugun noticed she was having trouble, he turned it on from inside.

"I just said, well, I'll turn it on that way she doesn't have to come back. She'll come in and pay whenever she's done."

When Monday finished filling up, her attorney Greg Isaacs says there was nothing but blank receipts in the box, so she started to leave.

"As she was about to enter into Chapman Highway, she noticed two men coming toward the vehicle, then one person banging on the window."

Multugun says he was alone and claims he tapped on her window and then backed up to get the car tag numbers when Monday started to put the car in reverse.

"I feel threatened and I just pulled my gun and shot the tire. The first shot, debris came on me, so I shot twice in the air."

Multugun says Monday still hasn't paid for the $49 dollar fill-up.

"She's claiming she did, but I went and got the credit card company, called them, got a hold of the transaction that day and there's nothing."

One dollar is shown taken out of Monday's bank account from Pioneer Market, but for reasons unknown, the remaining $48 dollars still has not cleared more than a month later.

Isaacs says, "I don't know what he did in the interim or didn't do or if there was a problem with the machine or a problem with the bank."

Multugun was arrested that night and charged with aggravated assault.

"I didn't even think I would get in trouble for trying to protect myself."

Isaacs says, "there's no legal basis in the state of Tennessee to fire at someone when they're leaving your property, whether she paid or she did not."

Multugun will go to court April 8th.

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