Monroe Deputy hospitalized after drug bust, chase

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MONROE COUNTY (WVLT) – A drug bust and high speed chase put one sheriff’s deputy in the hospital.

It happened early Friday morning, around 4:00 AM, when deputies with the Monroe County Sheriffs Office were conducting an undercover sting to purchase illegal drugs from Vincent Maurice McDermitt.

After the buy, McDermitt was able to get to a vehicle where he fled the scene.

Deputies gave chase, continuing their pursuit after taking into consideration the time of day, traffic volume, road conditions, speed of pursuit, danger to the public and severity of charges against McDermitt.

While going around a turn, the suspected slammed on his breaks and attempted to wreck Sergeant Sonny Smart.

Smart’s cruiser was forced off the road where it slammed into a tree and came to a rest on the side of Mecca Pike.

McDermitt was finally taken into custody and faces drug charges, felony fleeing and aggravated assault by motor vehicle.

Sgt. Smart was taken to Sweetwater Hospital where he was treated and later released with minor injuries.

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