Just call her the "Racoon Hunter"

Tennessee Coach Pat Summitt didn't look too uncomfortable Friday coaching her Lady Vols in the Southeastern Conference tournament. She was jumping up and down on the sideline.

Not bad for someone who dislocated a shoulder in an encounter with a raccoon.

Summitt had taken her golden Labrador out for a walk Wednesday night when they came back to find the raccoon on the deck at her home.

Summit says the raccoon was poised to attack so she knocked it off the deck, dislocating her shoulder.

Summitt showed no signs of injury Friday in Nashville.

Here's coach responding to news of the incident after today's Tennessee vs Florida match up in Nashville:

Q. I had kind of a silly question. How's your shoulder doing?

COACH SUMMIT: My shoulder is fine. That raccoon is in bad shape.

Q. Which shoulder was it?

COACH SUMMIT: It was my right shoulder. Anyway, not a very good decision on my part. Sometimes I tend to react without thinking. But I am here, alive and well.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you, Coach, we'll see you tomorrow.

Story Courtesy: AP Wire Reports & The SEC

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