Proposal to sell confiscated items advances in TN legislature


Nashville, TN (AP) -- Govorner Phil Bredesen's proposal to allow the state to sell confiscated items like booze and cars in online auctions has begun advancing in the Legislature.

Online liquor sales would be limited to licensed retailers in Tennessee.

If passed, the measure could eventually include hundreds of bottles of Jack Daniel's whiskey seized last year in raids in Nashville and Lynchburg, the town where the whiskey is distilled.

Experts have estimated the seized whiskey could be worth $1 million, based in part on the value of the antique bottles.

The Senate State and Local Government Committee on Tuesday unanimously advanced the bill carried by Sen. Joe Haynes, a Goodlettsville Democrat.

A House subcommittee was scheduled to take up the companion bill on Wednesday.


Read SB4182 on the General Assembly's Web site at:

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