UPDATE: Monroe Co. family worried for woman, police continue search for con man

Police are searching for a suspected con man, identified as Jamie Lee Turpin, of Ontario, Canada. He's wanted on a theft warrant. Police believe he may be traveling with a Sweetwater woman named Donna Poe. Poe has not been charged in the case.
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Sweetwater (WVLT) - The TBI and Sweetwater Police continue their search for a Sweetwater woman who fled town with a man who claimed to have millions, but instead tried to scam people and businesses out of millions while in Sweetwater.

Authorities are searching for a man claiming to be Jamie Lee Turpin who also has aliases of Douglas Joseph Clegg, Douglas Joseph Dragone, and Joseph Dragone Clegg.

He's believed to be traveling with Donna Poe of Sweetwater who he may have married in recent weeks.

Meanwhile, Turpin's companion who posed as his real estate banker with the real name Jamie Lea Turpin is now jailed on charges of theft over sixty thousand dollars.

Volunteer TV's Stephen McLamb joins has more from a very worried family.

Donna Poe is now off with a man she met on the internet and needless to say her family is very concerned for her safety.

Allison Everhart, Poe's first cousin says, "I'd like to see Donna back for her dad and her momma."

Donna Poe has left with a man claiming to be Jamie Lee Turpin and is no where to be found.

The Poe family is moving back into their home after law enforcement seized vehicles earlier this week where the couple was staying and then left.

Poe's first cousin says when she met Donna's out of town boyfriend she had her opinion about him.

"Different from the rest of us. I just thought it was the Yankee in him."

Police say Turpin began buying several cars and trying to make several land, farm, and business deals.

"If you just heard him talk you would understand why he was believed if you could just speak with him for a while."

Business owners in the town I spoke with said Turpin was a guy that always wanted things done right now and was always on the move, even contradict himself.

"He would come up with he would have paperwork for this, a claim to back that up, you know. He's very slick."

But after a while, things started to unravel for Turpin and people began to see through the man he claimed to be.

"The millionaire who ran around in Walmart clothes and you know supposedly had all these cars and vehicles yet drove around in a 94 Jeep Cherokee."

Family members now just want their loved one home and Turpin in jail.

"Something needs to be done with him to where he wouldn't never do it to anybody else again."

If anyone has any information on the couple's whereabouts you are asked to contact Sweetwater Police at 423-337-6151.

One real estate agent who worked with Turpin on a business deal said he was grandiose on top of grandiose.

He says Turpin asked him if he had any more good properties that he was flying in Hugh Hefner and Bill Gates.

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