E. Tennesseans feeling the pains at the pump

Knoxville (WVLT) -- The average price for a gallon of gas today in Knoxville is $3.13 a gallon.

Thankfully, we haven't seen any major changes at the pump over the last week.

But how long can we expect to pay this at the pump?

Volunteer tv's Allison Hunt has more.

For the last week, gas prices in East Tennessee have hovered over $3.13.

Don Lindsey with AAA Travel says, "Everything is just kind of stabilized right now, the price of oil fell a little bit last week it's not where we'd like it to be but everything has kind of settled for a little bit right now."

Regionally, prices are about the same as well: here in Tennessee, the average price for gas in Nashville is $3.16 and $3.13 in Memphis.

Lexington averages $3.15 a gallon and Charlotte's average price is $3.25.

Similar is Atlanta with $3.23 per gallon.

Lindsey says, "Oil trades in dollars, the value of the dollar is lower so it takes more dollars for every barrel."

Last month, the average price of gas was $3.05, 10 cents less than it is today.

Six months ago the price was $2.68 and one year ago, you paid an average of $2.39 per gallon.

Although experts can't say where prices will go from here, they say traditionally prices spike in the spring.

Lindsey says, "At the refineries they have to flush out winter gasoline and replace it with cleaner burning summer gasoline that's a very hard thing to do and prices tend to spike."

And maybe we can't control prices at the pump, but we can control what we use.

Lindsey says, "If we drive a little slower, pump up our tires a little more we can save a lot of gasoline and cut our costs."

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