Ready to receive Knox County's next superintendent

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- The school board has done it's part selecting the man who will serve as Knox County's next superintendent.

But how will he be received?

And what can you expect from him?

Volunteer TV's Rob Pratt has been looking for answers to those questions.

Parents and leaders of the teachers association agree that their voices were heard throughout the selection process.

Whether Dr. James McIntyre succeeds may come down to how well he listens to those same voices.

Now that Boston Public Schools Chief Operating Officer James McIntyre has been offered the top job here in Knox County, the question is what kind of superintendent will he be?

Karen Davis is a parent and says, "I think that he's going to do everything he can do to make sure that the students are as successful as they can be."

Parents and PTA leaders think Doctor McIntyre has what it takes to be the best, if he remembers who he's really working for.

Nancy Meyer is with the Knox County PTA and says, "As long as he will make sure that the children come first in the schools and that the schools are welcome places for the parents."

McIntyre appeared to be the board's second choice not that long ago. But board members visited Boston and McIntyre's meetings with the public went very well.

Athanasios Bayiates is the Knox County Education Association President and says, "They had a really hard choice to make and they did a good job."

As president of the Knox County Education Association, Anthanasios Bayiates likes McIntyre's approach.

Bayiates says, "On the phone last night, when he accepted the offer, he talked about professional development and really building up the workforce that we have in our schools."

McIntyre told us on the phone today that he likes what he sees in Knoxville, and hopes to be here for a long time, "This isn't a school district that's broken. This isn't a school district that needs someone to come in and fix it. This is a school district that I think we all want to work to strengthen and intensify the efforts and bring it to the next level."

A contract must be negotiated and signed by the schools and the new leader they have chosen.

McIntyre tells me he thinks that process will go quickly and smoothly.

He hopes to move his family here this summer.

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