West High School evacuated after chemical reaction

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Students were forced to evacuate West High School around 11:30 this morning after a science experiment caused smoke and fumes to set off an alarm in the building.

Knoxville Fire Captain Chris Dyer tells VolunteerTV that a senior student was doing the experiment in a small room between two classrooms when the reaction occurred.

"He mixed a chemical and sugar and the heating source and it produced enough smoke in that small area to set the smoke alarms off."

Dyer says there was never any fire, just a lot of smoke that could cause minor eye and throat irritation. He says no students have reported symptoms.

"our guys went in and we determined fairly quickly from the teacher and the student involved what we were dealing with and that it was pretty safe to just eject the smoke."

Firefighters ventilated the area, before letting students back in the school around noon.

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