Fans watch Lady Vols win eighth national title

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Vols fans here in Knoxville glued their eyes to the TV Tuesday night. Dozens of fans watched the the Lady Vols take on the Stanford Cardinals at Rays Entertainment Sports Grille.

Volunteer TV's Mike McCarthy was there.

They say last year's seventh title may have been Heaven, but eight would be great.

There's more than an eighth Lady Vols National Championship on-line. Dustin Fritt's wardrobe's at stake.

"The last time I wore this jersey , the mens' team lost. So if the women don't win tonight, the jersey won't be worn again," Fritts said.

He's one of the dozens of orange-and-white-wearing UT fans who watched the game at Ray Entertainment Sports Grille. Fatena Creselious eyes are glued to the TV because of her son.

"He's been a UT sports fans since he was probably five or six years old and wanted to go to UT since he was about eight," Creselious said.

The Vol fever quickly spread to his mom now decked out in Tennessee Orange.

"It's the national championship. It means we're the best. We already know we are. We're just proving it," Creselious said.

While all nine Lady Vols dressed for action one senior player's got fans attention.

"With Candace Parker being hurt," Fritts said.

"Candace Parker's just amazing. I'm hoping she's OK tonight with her shoulder and everything," Creselious said.

Because fans says tonight's game could boost all UT sports.

"It just solidifies us for being number one. All the teams are like in the top 15. Almost every sport, basketball, football, track and field," Fritts said.

That's good enough to influence even out-of-towners.

"I moved to TN about a year and half ago. You can't help but be converted to UT athletics," Vol fan Shana Baldwin said.

But fans say now's Lady Vols time to shine.

"They're just exciting to watch. Their heart and soul is in every game," Baldwin said.

Fritts hope so for the team and his clothes.

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