Smokies Ground Crew Gets Ready For New Season

Kodak, Sevier County (WVLT) - The Tennessee Smokies new season starts today and Wednesday on East Tennessee This Morning, Allison Hunt and Videographer Nate McLaughlin gave us a look at what it takes to keep the field in perfect playing condition.

The grounds crew showed us how they get the grass to grow so green. It takes lots of fertilizer, water and the right combination of grass seed.

We also learned how they mark the field lines. The crew puts a can of spray paint into a specially designed dispenser and follow a line on the field.

Have you ever wondered how they get that great looking pattern in the grass? The grounds crew uses a special mower that presses the grass down as it cuts it, then the sun dries it leaving the light and dark stripes you see in the field.

For information on the Tennessee Smokies new season including home game dates and times, promotions, and ticket prices, you can call the stadium at (865) 286-2300 or visit their website at

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