New Knox County superintendent's contract approved

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Knoxville (WVLT) - The Knox County School Board barely approved the new superintendent's contract Wednesday night.

Five members voted for the contract, and four put their hands up against it. The big problems opponents had with the contract were pay, length, and superintendent control.

The school board narrowly approved Doctor James McIntyre's contract. It will allow Dr. McIntyre to hire and fire anyone without board approval unless it affects the budget.

"I don't know what plans are so I would prefer to have those checks and balances there and accountability before let him free reign and approval," school board member Cindy Buttry said.

Cindy Buttry and Robert Bratton also had a problem with the $222,000 annual salary.

"That was just more than I could stomach so I didn't agree," Buttry said.

But the board chair says it's fair.

"I think it's reasonable. I think the board advertised in the range of $240,000. The board voted on that, and it's a little lower than that," board chair Karen Carson said.

Dr. McIntyre is receiving a little lower than $240,000 because he's never been a superintendent before, and that lack of experience makes cindy uneasy signing off on a four year contract with dr. McIntyre.

"To give someone a blanket four year contract to me that's never had any experiences before. I wasn't comfortable with that," Buttry said.

But four years is the standard on past contracts, and in the end members passed the contract.

"I think it's a reasonable contract we need to get it signed so he can put house on market and move his family down here," Carson said.

And now he can do just that.

Dr. McIntyre's first day is July 7, 2008.

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