Beer vote for Thompson-Boling Arena postponed

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Knoxville (WVLT) - You have to wait to grab a beer in Thompson-Boling Arena.

Knoxville's beer board postponed issuing the UT facility a permit Tuesday night.
Board members said they've been put in the middle of an inter-university dispute. UT Athletics and University President John Petersen support the beer sales, but Monday the faculty senate condemned the idea.

The SEC bans alcohol at sporting events. UT is also considered a dry campus. The beer would only be sold at concerts and other events.

Sedexho says ID checks and beer purchase limits would help prevent potential problems.

"There's going to be an intervention program in place that if people are purchasing or consuming too much beer in Thompson-Boling, there's going to be steps in place so we don't serve them anymore," Sedexho GM Todd Boyd said.

The board will reconsider the permit in two weeks. Sedexho plans to meet with university officials, faculty and drug and alcohol programs between now and then.

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