Tennessee's Tax-Free Holiday starts Friday

(WVLT) - Three days of savings started Friday with Tennessee's tax free shopping holiday.

You may think you missed the savings, but you didn't, so get ready for three full days of tax free shopping.

Target Manager Terrie Baird says, "we hope people know, and will come in and shop this weekend"

The reason for the confusion? The date for Tennessee's tax-free weekend was scheduled for Easter weekend, then changed to the weekend of April 25.

While the date is later, the items you save on are still the same.

You will still pay no tax on clothing $100 or less per item, most school and art supplies $100 or less per item, and computers $1,500 or less per bundled package.

Be careful not to assume anything... what is and isn't tax free can get tricky. For example, most clothes are tax free, but a few items, like accessories and sunglasses aren't. The same goes for shoes. Tennis shoes are tax-free, but not sports shoes, like cleats. Computers are also tax-free, but software, printers, paper and ink are not.

Aside from a lack of knowing about the weekend of savings, retailers say they fear a slumping economy may keep people away.

Baird says, "Little concerned people aren't spending money now with gas prices and such, but hopefully they will come buy school supplies and clothes this weekend"

Regarless, they're staffed, stocked, and keeping their fingers crossed for a busy weekend.

Baird says, "We're not sure. were planning for it, staffing for it and will be ready if it comes"

You can find a complete list of exactly what is and is not tax free by clicking on the Hot Key.

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