East Tennessee shoppers taking advantage of state's tax-free weekend

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- It's that time a year again where you can hit the stores, perhaps with a little of your tax rebate money, and get a free ten percent break thanks to the government.

Volunteer TV visited the target store in turkey creek where people have been coming to area stores hoping to take advantage of the event that only happens twice a year.

shoppers were coming out in droves this weekend, to catch a sale nearly everywhere because its a tax free weekend.

"Its an opportunity to get a few things for her and not pay tax on it."

"I think its a great idea its a good way students and parents can save money on clothing."

"Shoppers can save 10 percent depending on where you shop. some feel it has a positively effect on the state."

"It helps the economy and people feel like they are getting a break, in terms of trying to get a few more things for kids."

But not everything you buy is tax free. clothing, office and school supplies under 100 dollars, and computers under 1500. for bigger items like that, places like best buy find people will wait for this weekend.

"They absolutely do, actually this is the only time of year where every computer is on sale, technically. because its technically 9.25 percent off. so its the only time of the year, that every computer is that way."

But not everyone needs a computer.

"I actually bought a computer once and since i don't need one now I'm not doing that this weekend."

But many stores find sales are up, because shoppers are doing more than just browsing this weekend."

"clothing for work, and i got some school supplies."

"I've spent about $350, and this is our first stop. I bought some summer clothes for my kids and clothes for myself."

Best Buy officials say now is a good time to purchase because they're also offering 18 months financing, but keep in mind you have to buy only only items that apply in order to get the tax free break.

You can grab your list and click on the Hot Key on our web channel at VolunteerTV.com and do your comparisons before you go out and buy.

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