Rick McGill's golf tournament now named in honor of Channon Christian

Channon Christian, 21

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Channon Christian's memory will live on, not just with her family and friends but also thanks to a new scholarship fund and golf tournament being established in her honor.

Rick McGill's Airport Toyota has announced their annual golf tournament will now be called the Channon Christian Memorial Golf Tournament.

Proceeds will fund the scholarship fund they have established in her honor at the Univerity of Tennessee.

Channon's father Gary has worked for McGill for 10 years.

His coworkers say they're a part of his family, just as Channon was always part of theirs.

Mike Bryant with Rick McGill's Airport Toyota says, "We've got enough negative. let's try to do something positive that will have some long-term benefits."

Channon's mother Deena Christian says, "this was taken at our golf tournament the year before she died, and she always had that smile on here face."

The tournament will be held at Willow Creek June 1.

The first scholarship recipient has been chosen but not announced.

If you want to donate of help, call Rick McGill's Toyota at (888) 213-4062.

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