REPORT: Knox County ranked in the top 5 for overall health in Tennessee

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Knox County is one of Tennessee's top five overall-healthy counties according to the Tennessee County Health Rankings: 2007 Index released Thursday by the Tennessee Institute of Public Health. Hancock County is ranked last in overall health across the state.

The report profiles individual counties' health based on indicators taken from sources like the Tennessee Department of Health, Department of Education, and U.S. Census Bureau.

According to a release, the report focuses on "health outcomes" that show the overall health status of a county population, and "health determinants" that help predict future health.

"The goal is to identify specific public health areas that require attention for a given community, and to enable public policymakers and public health officials to set priorities, and dedicate resources to improve the health of Tennesseans," said TNIPH Executive Director Beth Fuller.

Here's a look at Knox and surrounding counties' overall health rankings:

Top Quartile:

Knox, 5
Loudon, 13
Blount, 15

Second Quartile:

Sevier, 27
Jefferson, 32
Roane, 41

Third Quartile:

Anderson, 49
Grainger, 65
Union, 72

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