Economic stimulus payment may be worth more than what's on the check

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Some Knoxville businesses will pay you for your economic stimulus payment. All you have to do is shop.

Volunteer TV's Mike McCarthy checked into the deals.

Everything from food to furniture. The U.S. government's started direct deposit payments already. Paper checks are set to start hitting mailboxes next week. Businesses say if you spend your check at their store, they'll give you some extra cash.

Jack Hill bags up a bargain.

"Hey, that's a good deal. I'll take it," Hill said.

He just swiped 30 bucks worth--of what he calls---free cash.

"I'm going to shop. I'll spend the money anyway. So they just handed me 30 dollars," Hill said.

As the US Government rolls out Economic Stimulus Checks, businesses like Kroger's promise to boost the amount. That is, if you buy one of these.

"Customer service will walk them right through it. They'll cash the economic stimulus check and place it on a Kroger Gift Card," Fred Dodson from Kroger said.

But on the card, you'll get 10 percent extra. So a check with 300 bucks becomes 330. You buy up to four, turning 1,200 into 1,320.

"Kroger recognizes that grocery bills are a significant portion of their budget. It's just gives us the opportunity to help them stretch their dollar," Dodson said.

Hill spends about 300 bucks a month to fill his cart. Retired and on a fixed income, the card is his budget saver.

"I need to save the money. Everything keeps going up in price, and my income doesn't rise," Hill said.

You check could give you more than a bargain buggy load. You can get free money to finance some furniture. Fowler's Furniture will stimulate your stimulus check an extra 20 percent. No matter the dollar amount.

"All they have to do is bring in their stimulus check or a bring a statement showing where it got direct deposited," Jason Brown from Fowler's Furniture said.

But all the money has to go towards a tag in their 110-thousand square-foot showroom.

"We've been around 75 years and we're always been big on giving the community back something and this is our way of doing that this time," Brown said.

No furniture...just food for Hill .

"It's not easy for people who are my age," Hill said.

But for now, he has some help.

Kroger will give you the gift card deal, no matter how you pay for it. There are a few restrictions on how you can use the bonus cash. Volunteer TV's contacted area Chamber of Commerces. We've asked them to find out all the deals their member businesses will offer.

We'll list all that information on our webchannel, That information should be available this time Tuesday.

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