Despite ban, Tennessee Rep. Joe McCord admits smoking in his office

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- State Rep. Joe McCord acknowledged that he and others have smoked in his legislative office suite, even though smoking is prohibited at the state Capitol.

WSMV-TV in Nashville first reported that smoking was going on in McCord's office and aired a video that showed someone holding a cigarette through a window at the legislative War Memorial Building.

The Maryville Republican told The Knoxville News Sentinel that he and others have smoked in his office but that the practice would cease.

Ashtrays, an air purification system and a sandbag used to seal the space below a door were all used inside a room in the suite McCord shares with Rep. Parkey Strader. He's a Knoxville Republican who's been absent while undergoing treatment for cancer.

McCord was among lawmakers who voted for the 2006 measure that banned smoking in government buildings. He voted against a statewide ban on smoking in indoor workplaces in 2007.


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