Blount County cleans up after weekend winds

BLOUNT COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) -- It's amazing how mother nature can operate. Almost two years ago, Alcoa was hit hard by storms, but Maryville and the rest of Blount County had only minor damage. Monday, however, Maryville and Blount County were left cleaning up from the weekend storms, and Alcoa only had one tree blocking a road.

Blount County Highway Superintendent Bill Dunlap says, "We started calling people in to start clearing the roads and worked basically all night Friday night."

It was the weekend road crews never had after storms and wind kept trees from pointing to the sky, but rather on the ground and blocking some thirty or more roads.
Dunlap says, "Ended up with roughly some 48 calls, 80-100 trees that we had to clear out over the weekend."

Maryville public works crews are also dealing with the mess of trees fallen down.
Maryville Public Works Supervisor Tim Green says, "I think we had 14 trees blocking the road and probably seven of the major with power lines, took down some poles."

The roads are all clear but lots of debris still behind.

Dunlap says, "We're hauling it. We're chipping it, just whatever we can do with it to get rid of it."

In Maryville's historic district, one homeowner was thankful after putting $75,000 into work for his home's exterior and one of his large oak trees fell.

"So, if it had to fall, this was the best way it could have fallen, except for the car."

But the car wasn't Walker Johnson's ...rather the next door neighbors.

Cindy Czornohus' son's car was destroyed by a fallen tree. She says, "Oh yeah, I saw it and it really, I mean it was very frightening."

Czornohus says her son thought he wouldn't be able to do his homework with his backpack in the car, but "My husband goes around to the other side of the car and the only think he could see in there was the backpack sitting just perfectly in it's little spot. He reached in and pulled the backpack out."

Maryville's done cleaning up, but Blount County may work until Wednesday.

If there's a silver lining in all this damage, Czornohus says it looks like her son, who is graduating from Maryville High School this year, will be getting a car for graduation later this month. He'll definitely need one.

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