Adult-oriented lodge won't locate in Roane County

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KINGSTON, Tenn (WVLT) -- One man's dream of an adult-oriented lodge in Roane County is dead, and neighbors that were planning to meet together tonight to protest it, are now celebrating the news.

Gary Foster had planned to build Rosebud Lodge at the site of an old live-in camp for subcontractors at Y-12, located in rural Roane County.

But today, he confirms to Volunteer TV News that he has signed a mutual release from his contract with the property owner.

Per the terms of the release, the sale is now null and void, and any money Foster paid is returned to him.

Foster says she disappointed, but he also feels he got a lot of media coverage out of his dream of Rosebud Lodge, and he feels he will find another place more suitable to build.

Foster originally said the lodge would cater to gays, lesbians, and bisexuals, but later removed that information from his website after receiving negative press from community leaders and residents.

In a letter posted on his website, Foster said there would be nudity at the lodge, but mostly around the pool.

Neighbors say they are relieved Rosebud Lodge will not be built in their area.

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