Neighbors react to shooting of Officer Norman Rickman

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Knoxville (WVLT) - As officer Norman Rickman continues to receive treatment at UT Medical Center. Again, he's in stable condition, but he did suffer serious internal injuries according to police.

This shooting happened on Rockbridge Lane in Northwest Knoxville. That's near Western Avenue and Ball Camp Pike.

Jim Freeman was in that neighborhood just after the shooting.

He says neighbors are shocked this type of crime took place in the quiet little neighborhood they call home.


"It is. It's a pretty quiet place to live," neighbor Shane Norman said.

That's how residents describe their Fair Oaks Neighborhood. Quiet until...

"A bunch of helicopters flying over," neighbor Mary Ferris said.

Around three o'clock this afternoon.

"Cops' cars coming in and out, in and out," Ferris said.

That's when this subdivision where black and white, young and old call home became a "bee-hive" of activity. Curiosity ruled on this street called Malmsbury Road that rolls off a hill and dead ends after about a dozen houses.

"Because they were coming down and checking down in there and we couldn't figure out why they kept coming down and going back and going back," neighbor Shane Norman said.

Police went straight to this light tan, frame home with the light brick front. And on the way there.

"I came out of my garage, and officers were coming through my yard with assault rifles. So, I was kind of freaked out," Norman said.

That's when police nabbed two suspects.

"And they stormed the house and brought them out. Then the whole road was packed with cop cars. And they just took everybody away in cars," Norman said.

"One had braids and the other one was, like, younger, kind of bald hair or cut hair or whatever," Ferris said.

Neighbors say foster children live in this home.

"I don't know much about them. But I know she takes in foster kids. They all call her Granny. So, I don't know exactly who all is hers and who's she's taken in or what," Norman said.

And say the two men taken away are not strangers to this street.

"I've seen them walking up and down the road," Norman said.

The road that is quiet no more.

"I wish it hadn't happened. I can't believe it happened. Laughs," Norman said.

At this hour, police continue searching for suspects up and down wood-smith road, cougar drive, and all around this Northwest Knoxville neighborhood. Officials with KPD urge residents to remain on alert and know that they and other authorities are working to keep this area safe while they search.

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