Day after KPD officer shot, neighborhood nearly back to normal

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- It was a restless night for many in the Hidden Hills subdivision Tuesday night, especially on Rockbridge Lane, but less than 24 hours later, with three suspects in custody, neighbors are settling back into their daily routines.

Youngsters were getting off the school bus and walking home Wednesday afternoon. Cars were freely coming and going, and a couple of people were even out mowing their yards.

Neighbor William Sturgill says, "I'm thankful that my prayers have been answered."

And it took less than 24-hours for that prayer, the capture of the third suspect, to come through.

William's wife, Sheila Sturgill, says, "Oh, I just feel relieved. Very relieved."

Though the Sturgill's other prayer is a work in progress.

"He's alive and he's doing good. They said he gave a thumbs up. And I'm going to go see him when he gets better when he gets in a room."

William lives next door to Johnny Malone and was the first person to come to Officer Norman Rickman's rescue.

Sturgill's daughter Amy Emert says, "I'm very proud of him and honored for him to be my father and to do something like that. I'm proud that they're calling him a good Samaritan.”

Life on Rockbridge Lane was much different a day later, and far more relaxed than Tuesday night when the manhunt was in full-force.

Bryan Landenberger lives across the street from the Sturgills and says, "I didn't sleep so much. The little lady came home. I had her come home. And actually called out of work so I could stay here and be with her. Just locked the doors, closed the windows."

Bryan calls the work of the police most impressive and that he's also relieved.

Landenberger says, "I mean. I'm out mowing the yard today. I mean. It's a good neighborhood, but I'm not too worried about it. I mean it could happen anywhere at any time."

But from now on, Landenberger says, "I usually don't lock my truck or worry about stuff like that, but I think everybody will be more pre-cautious [sic]."

Sheila Sturgill says, "Maybe we should get an alarm. We don't have one at this time. Yeah, it makes you think about things like that."

Things that were probably never thought of before yesterday.

Out of everyone on this street, which features a cul-de-sac, the Sturgill's have lived on Rockbridge lane the longest, some 27-years.

We talked with the owner of the home that was burglarized, Johnny Malone, and he did not want to go on camera.

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