Air travel still popular despite increased cost

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- If you’re expecting to see fewer people traveling, specifically by air, this holiday weekend…think again!

Apparently, tough economic times aren't significantly decreasing the number of those hitting the roads, and even more so flying the friendly skies.

Joseph and Evelyn Cabin are joining the millions of people traveling by plane this holiday weekend.

Joseph Cabin says they’re “on our way to Texas.”

Despite the duo of tough economic times and higher fares, Evelyn Cabin says, “It was $400 and something each.”

How much higher? AAA estimates air fare is about 8 percent more than this time last yea, but more money doesn’t seem to be stopping much of anyone.

Almost 4.35 million people plan to travel by plane. That’s only a decrease of 0.5 percent from the 4.37 million who took to the skies last year.

More expensive, or not, the Cabins wouldn’t miss this trip for the world.

Evelyn says, "Our son is a Marine, and he is going to Afghanistan, and (we have) not seen him, so we are going to visit before he leaves."

Others are willing to pay that little bit extra, even when the trip is pure pleasure.

Traveler Lecha Garner says she’s “Going to the Bahamas."

Garner and Ashley Hull’s bags are checked, and they’re ready to roll… all at prices they say, thankfully, have yet to break the bank.

Hull says, “We did it a long time ago and got ahead of everyone."

Garner says, “It wasn't too expensive. We traveled Allegiant Air and it was really cheap."

AAA says this is the first time since 2002 that those they interviewed say they will cut back on Memorial Day travel.

Still yet, that amounts to only a total decrease of about 360,000 people who are traveling overall.

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