Monroe man who shot, killed burglar has had multiple break-ins

MONROE COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Two burglary suspects are met with gunfire as they enter a Monroe County man's home. Now, one suspect is dead, and the second is in jail. For the homeowner, Mark Fryer, it's not the first attempted burglary at his home.

This is not the first time he's used a gun to stop someone.

Fryer reported four burglaries in 2005, and Tuesday marked the third at the residence this year.

Fryer's use of a weapon in dealing with intruders also dates back to 2005 when he held his suspects at bay until police arrived.

A Monroe county teen is dead and his alleged accomplice is charged after police say the two entered into the Old State Road home during a burglary. Sheriff Bill Bivens says the pair entered through the rear door, and were in the stairwell when met by Fryer.

Bivens says, "They were coming up the steps in the home and he had fired multiple shots at both intruders."

Bristin Self, 19, died as a result of the gunfire. Friends say after high school, Self began getting into trouble.

Samantha Stamey was friends with the alleged intruders, and says, “I went to school with (Self), kindergarten up and he was a good boy and he just turned out different than what I thought he would."

James Ray Cheek, 31, reportedly fled, but was later apprehended at his parents’ home on Stuart Wilson Road. He has now been charged with aggravated burglary. Stamey was a little surprised by Cheek as well.

"I went to church with him for years. He wasn't supposed to be like that or nothing. That blew my mind too."

Some neighbors were surprised to have a burglary in the neighborhood.

Neighbor Craig Adams says, "Honestly, no. This is the first that I'm aware of nearby, especially this close by. I mean we have a church right across the road and everything’s been nice and normally quiet here until just recently."

But not so for Fryer just up the street. In the last three years he's reported seven burglaries, even pulling a gun in 2005.

Sheriff Bivens says, "He did stop and hold three individuals until law enforcement arrived."

Sheriff Bivens says the findings will be turned over to the District Attorney's office.

We attempted to talk to Mark Fryer about the incident on Wednesday, but he declined an on-camera interview. He did say it's a tragic situation for everyone, and hopes to one day put this behind him.

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