Will fewer people travel for Memorial Day?

Knoxville (WVLT) - If you are planning to hit the road for the holiday weekend, you will probably feel the pain at the pump, especially after you leave East Tennessee.

Take a look at these staggering numbers. Once again the national average has hit a high, rising two cents over night from $3.81 per gallon to $3.83. Knoxville is seeing lower prices at $3.69 today, up from $3.67, and per barrel, it's also hit a high at $135.

A new addition to our Volunteer TV team, Heather Haley has the story.

It may be hard for some to cope. AAA officials say they expect to see a slight decrease in holiday travel this coming memorial day weekend.

Before you head out on your holiday travels, you'll have to fill up.

"It used to take me maybe $15," driver Jessica Wichert said.

Jessica Wichert says it's now 20 dollars more. She says she and her boyfriend are going out of town this weekend, but the pain at the pump means they will take her car over his SUV.

"We would like to take his car because we'd have more room but my car is smaller and it doesn't take as much to fill up," Wichert said.

AAA officials say a lot of people are changing their travel plans because of gas prices.

"People may not stay as long to try to cut down on the cost of their hotel rooms to make up for gasoline. They not go as far away from home as they did last year," Stephanie Milani from AAA said.

Some may not travel at all, choosing to stay close to home. Wichert says they will not leave until Sunday so cut back on costs.

"We would like to stay and do more things and actually get to shop but we can't really do that because we have to spend all of our money on gas," Wichert said.

AAA officials say they don't expect gas prices to reach 4 dollars before the holiday, but they say we could still see another spike in prices.

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