Knox Co. E-911 gets highway camera upgrade

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Knox County dispatchers are hoping some new tools will help them respond to your emergencies more quickly.

As of Wednesday, the E-911 center has a new, 46-inch monitor that will allow them to get a better look at TDOT's Smartway camera network.

They will be able to pick the best views from the cameras and blow them up for better looks at the roads.

That means, if there's a traffic jam, they can find a different route for emergency responders to reach you faster.

Rural Metro Communications Manager Gary Morris says, "We were concerned about our response time and how we were gonna be able to adjust to those, and one of the things we felt would be extremely helpful was to be able to see the traffic flow and to be able to pull up where incidents happen and determine what the needs were, if we needed to pick secondary routes."

There are now 70 cameras positioned around Knox County as part of TDOT's Smartway system.

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