East Tennessee non-profit going to 4-day work week to save money

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- In the midst of a slumping economy, and almost $4 a gallon gas prices, many companies are looking outside the box for ways to save.

Last week we asked you what you thought about government mandated four day work weeks to save gas. See those results HERE.

Now, one East Tennessee non-profit is getting ready to give a four day work week a trial run to see if it helps their employees and their bottom line.

Like the rest of us, Mae Raulston dreads the drive to work now more than ever, because of record high gas prices.

Mae says, "I spend about $70 just getting back and forth to work."

She’s a bookkeeper at East Tennessee Technology access center.

Mae says, "I do payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, reports, united way reports, state reports, lots and lots of things."

It’s work that will now have to be done in four days instead of five, now that this non-profit is going to be closed on Mondays.

Mae says, "It will benefit several of us, since there are at least four of us that drive 50 or 60 miles a day."

Louise McKown is another one that drives from Anderson County. It’s a 50-mile round trip each day, but she invested in a hybrid three years ago, so it’s not so much a matter of gas, "It's really a mileage thing for me."

One thing they had to consider is their clients, but they actually believe staying closed Mondays, and extending hours Tuesday through Friday will benefit those that use ETTAC.

Louise says, "By doing longer hours they may be able to stop going to work or coming home."

More than helping employees, being closed three days out of seven will cut down on overall costs.

Louise says, "Will save on heat, air, lights."

It’s all an effort to simply work smarter to save.

Louise says, “We know not all businesses can do this, but it's a solution that we hope will work for us."

ETTAC says they aren't sure exactly how much it will save them or their employees, but they start their trial July 1.

We know of at least one other local business doing the same, and Blount County’s road department is also implementing a 10 hour work day, four days per week, Monday through Thursday. They expect a savings of about $4,000 a day in fuel.

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