Two Morgan County men accused of stealing gas

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Oak Ridge (WVLT) - Thieves have ripped off thousands of dollars worth of fuel from an Oak Ridge gas station.

Morgan County brothers Troy and Robert Jackson are accused of stealing more than 1,100 gallons of fuel. Police say the pair hit the pumps at the Phillips 66 gas station early Monday morning.

Volunteer TV's Mike McCarthy has the story.

Gas drive offs aren't new, but police say driving off with this much gas is, and police say the pair got caught because they lost part stolen fuel freight.

Thousands of gallons, thousands of dollars stolen.

"It's the state of the economy. People are desperate," Jenny Woody from the Phillips 66 said.

So much, Oak Ridge Police say Jenny Woody's gas station of choice lost about 1,100 gallons, $4,500 in fuel.

"It takes a thief to think of things like this," said Lt. Jack Mansfield from the Oak Ridge Police Department.

Or in this case, thieves. Police say Morgan County brothers Troy and Robert Jackson plundered the pumps.

Police say it began along Florida Ave just after 2:00 Monday morning. That's when the Fire Department received a call a 55 gallon drum had spilled in the middle of the road.

"While they were there, a truck drove by, pulling a trailer that had the same sort of barrels," Mansfield said.

Police say the brothers came back to pick their lost load.

"The firefighters could smell what they thought was gasoline around the trailer as it passed by," Oak Ridge Police Chief David Beams.

When police stopped the truck near California Ave....

"They had nine 55 gallon drums on the trailer, a 30 gallon drum, and a gas tank on the truck," Beams said.

All of them either completely, or partially full of either gasoline or diesel.

"They stated they'd purchased it from the 66 station using a credit card," Beams said.

So police called Phillip's 66 management. That story didn't check out.

"There's only one way they could have got it: that's by pumping out of the tanks in the ground," Mansfield said.

But the station manager says the brothers found some way to just override the pumps. Both Woody and police agree...

"I don't know we've seen the worst of it yet," Woody said.

Because gas prices continue to rise.

Police say however they pulled if off, it took some time. The station was also closed. Police say they had run from call to call early that morning. That's why they missed the crime. Both brothers are charged with theft. They're being held in the Anderson County jail.

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