$4 gas in Lake City

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Lake City (WVLT) - They're getting closer to the Knoxville area.

Last week in Gatlinburg, gas prices broke the 4 dollar barrier, and now Lake City has three gas stations at the four dollar mark. Now, we get reaction from some of the first residents who are spending record amounts for gas.

When gas prices started rising rapidly, Scott Martin began carpooling to work from Lake City to Clinton. He recently got a 30 cents an hour raise, but now gas prices are hitting four dollars a gallon in his backyard.

"I think they're making me broke everyday taking all my extra money all my extra cash," Martin said.

Now when he and his family go shopping all they can afford are the necessities.

"We try to cut our costs where I can, don't buy anything extra just groceries and that's it," Martin said.

Three gas stations on the Lake City exit off 75 north--the BP, the Citgo and the Shell are charging $3.99 nine for a gallon of regular, and $4.19 for premium. That's 100 dollars for just 25 gallons of regular unleaded gasoline.

"It's ridiculous, just don't know what we're going to do. They're way too high," driver Donnie Fox said. "I thought $2.50 was high, but this is ridiculous."

Knoxville based Pilot gas stations are still selling gasoline at under four dollars per gallon, but how long will that last?

Pilot addressed that question in a statement. "Changes in the market are difficult to predict and Pilot is subject to the same fluctuations in wholesale fuel prices as other retailers."

And with the price of a barrel of oil at an all time high, people like Scott Martin may be forced to spend all their extra money on gasoline.

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