Possible lightning strike destroys Powell home

Knoxville (WVLT) - It was a scary sight for an East Tennessee couple when they came home to find their home on fire.

Volunteer TV's Heather Haley has more on why the couple is calling Wednesday a miracle, despite the fact that they lost their home.

The elderly couple says they've been through a lot over the years, and they never thought they would lose their home and all their belongings to a fire, but it's what they did not lose that has them all smiles.

When the storm rolled through the Powell area late Wednesday afternoon, Sherman Brown says he and his wife Betty were out to dinner, but their nice evening came to a halt when they got home.

"As soon as I turned that corner, I said our house is on fire and she started hollering about her dog," Sherman said.

Neighbors in the Ponderosa Hills neighborhood say they heard a loud popping sound which they believe was lightning hitting the brown's home.

"I said that's too hot, it was already in flames all over, and I told her that dog's already dead," Sherman said.

Firefighters fought the flames for hours, but the home was a total loss.

"I guess we was lucky we wasn't home," Sherman said.

But the only thing Betty wanted to save from the blaze came running out to her as soon as the firefighters shut off their hoses.

"But can you believe with the way that house was engulfed that he could even thinking about being alive," Betty said.

7-year-old Quinton is typically a white Maltese and very happy to see his owners.

"We don't have no clothes or nothing, but I've got my little black dog," Betty said.

The Brown's say they thought for sure their little pal was lost but it will be sweet dreams knowing the smallest member of their family is safe.

"He's a miracle, went through that fire and come walking out of there," Betty said.

The Browns say they do have insurance on their home and will stay with family, along with Quinton.

A veterinarian came out the fire and took Quinton to give him a full check up.

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