Hamfest 2008 makes airwaves

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KNOXVILLE (WVLT) – A gathering of amateur radio fans and experts took place Saturday in South Knoxville.

The 42nd Annual Knoxville Hamfest gave amateur radio operators the chance to discuss their hobby face to face, instead of over the airwaves.

Ham operators have been a solid fraternity for nearly a century, and after years of declining interest, experts say it has finally entered a renascence.

"Since the Internet, there has been a decline in hams radio operators over the years,” said Mark Watkins, a ham radio operator. “The reason is because you can pretty much talk to the world on the computer now, but since 9/11, I think we have seen a resurgence. It’s slow, but it’s coming along."

Hamfest featured a full scale flea market of used equipment.

The operators who turned out also attended workshops and took the exam to receive or renew their amateur radio licensing.

You can find out more information on ham radio and becoming a licensed operator by clicking on the link below.

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