East Tennessee students experience medical profession at UT Hospital

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- They're not quite Doogie Howser, but they sure are a bunch of young students learning medicine these days.

It's all part of the UT Medical Center's "Explorations" program, which allows high school and college students to observe those in the medical profession to decide if it's a career they'd like to pursue.

The seventeen-year-old program kicked off the summer Monday.

The six-week rotation allows students to observe several areas of medicine to help them decide what field they'd like to go into.

Meagan Aiken is a senior at Cumberland College and says, "It allows young students who may not have the ability to join other programs, the ability to see what physicians in the medical field are all about. Just to gain that experience is invaluable, it'll be a great experience."

The program is funded entirely by donations. students even receive small stipends while they are participating.

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