Knox parents hear staggered schedule plan

KNOXVILLE, Tenn (WVLT) -- The time your children head off to school and get home may change in Knox County.

A huge crowd of parents wanting to know just what changes they will have to make if staggered schedules are approved.

The board says it'll save them big bucks, but not everyone thinks the incovenience is worth it.

Patty Cooper is a single mother of 2. She works while her kids are at school so they can spend time together in the evenings.

She says her oldest daughter enjoys activities outside of school and she worries what will suffer if the school times change.

"She's also in ROTC and if they do have staggered times, it's gonna mess up my daughter on working with ROTC becuase she's wanting to make a military life for herself," Cooper says.

Bus driver Kay Proffitt says she believes it will actually be more dangerous for the students if the board changes their schedules.

"I'm worried about the kids that walk home from school they will be letting out right whenever everybody's getting off from work and all the traffic's out there," Proffitt says.

Right now, kindergarten and elementary schools start at 7:45.

Middle and high schools at 8:30 in the morning.

Under the proposed budget some schools would start between 8 and 9:30 regardless of grade.

Meaning fewer buses would make multiple trips.

To Kay that could mean her job but she says she's more worried about her passengers than her paycheck.

"I love children and they're like they're mine, once I have kids on the bus and i'm hauling for so long."

No matter what budget cuts are made the board is dealing with 20 million dollars less than they requested.

So something will change in knox county schools before august.

Knox County Schools Transportation Department
2008-09 Proposed School Time Changes

Bearden Elementary
Belle Morris
Gibbs Elementary

Gibbs High
Pleasant Ridge
West Haven

Brickey McCloud
West Hills
West Valley

Sarah Moore Greene


Bearden Middle
Cedar Bluff Middle
Farragut High
Farragut Middle
Powell Middle
South Doyle Middle
West High
Whittle Springs

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