Reenactors celebrate city, war and veterans

One of nearly 200 people participating in the WWII reenactment at Oak Ridges Secret City Festival.
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ANDERSON COUNTY (WVLT) – Oak Ridge wrapped up its sixth annual Secret City Festival on Saturday evening. One of the fest's most popular events was held earlier that afternoon and commemorated the town by reenacting the war that lead to its creation.

Nearly 200 people suited up and participated in the largest World War Two reenactment in the South East.

For seven hours, Oak Ridge’s Bissell Park was transformed into a French battlefield, shortly after D-Day.

It was organized by the 501st organization not only to remember the close link between Oak Ridge and World War Two, but to help show East Tennesseans what their relatives were able to accomplish.

"As they've said in the past, those that forget history are bound to repeat it,” said Dale Taylor, who assumed the role of a German Major in the reenactment. “We want to bring history alive because we are all living historians. We want Americans to realize that there was a World War Two, and that our fellow countryman made some supreme sacrifices for that. We’re here to honor the veterans, even though I have a German uniform on.”

Besides the reenactment, Secret City Festival goers were also able to tour part of the Y-12 Complex, as well as attend a pair of concerts put on by the Turtles and former Supreme, Mary Wilson.

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