Group pushing for liquor stores in Loudon County

LOUDON COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Lenoir City, Loudon, and Tellico Village already have liquor by the drink, but now there's a group called Citizens for a Better Loudon County pushing for another type of liquor sales.

It's a direct mail campaign aimed at putting a referendum on the November ballot that would allow sales of packaged liquor in Loudon County and Lenoir City.

Homeowner Van Shaver says, "Liquor stores are second behind convenience stores for robberies and murders of employees. So, they're not a great thing to have in the midst of your community"

Petition organizer Ed Bell says, "We're seeing that we need taxes to stay at home. It's not that we're advocating the drinking of alcohol in any manner."

The mail-out campaign began Wednesday and already Bell says he has more than 1,000 returned cards in favor of putting the referendum on the November ballot.

A similar effort failed at the ballot box in 2006.

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