Man attacks woman in bathroom stall, police asking public for help to identify him

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ALCOA, Tenn. (WVLT) Alcoa Police are asking the public for help to identify a man, accused of attacking a woman inside a Big Lots bathroom stall last Saturday.

According to Detective Kris Sanders with Alcoa Police, the woman said the man was already in the bathroom in another stall when she entered to use the restroom. When she locked the door to her stall, he exited his and then slid underneath her stall door and began grabbing at her legs to pull her down.

"She starts kicking him in the head...and she says she was stomping him with her foot," Sanders explained. "She was also screaming at the top of her lungs for help."

Fortunately the woman was able to fight the man off, and security camera inside the Big Lots store on Hall Road were rolling as he ran out of the bathroom, through the store and then out the door.

The man is seen in the video carrying something in his hands as he's fleeing. Witnesses and the victim told police those are his boots he's holding. Sanders suspects he took them off to sneak up on his victim, although he's unsure exactly why.

The suspect also left behind a potential piece of evidence; a hammer. Sanders said it appears the suspect picked up the hammer while walking through the store. He never used in during the assault but left it on the bathroom floor after he fled.

Alcoa Police are asking the public to watch the video and speak up if they recognize the suspect. Call the Alcoa Police Department with any information at 865-981-4111.

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